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See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War.

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About 7,300 African Americans were killed.

About 48,000 European Americans were killed.

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Q: How many African Americans were killed in the Vietnam war?
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How many americans were killed in combat in vietnam?

58200 people

How many Americans and how many Vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

Of the more than 58,000 American soldier killed during the Vietnam War, eight were women. Sixty American female civilians were also killed.

How many American lives were lost during tne Vietnam war?

Over 50,000 Americans were killed and missing in action during the Vietnam War.

Why was the Vietnam War called a racist war?

African-Americans during the 1960s called Vietnam "the White Man's War"; because the US wanted to stop communism there, but were drafting African-Americans (and all other US males) to fight it.

How many Americans were killed in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War resulted more than 58,000 American deaths (including missing in action).More than 58,000 Americans lost their lives during the Vietname War.

How many African Americans were killed in battle of Normandy?

A casualty was a casualty in the Army. They did not classify casualties ethnically.

What effects did the civilwar have on women and African?

the civil war had many effects on the civil war white women lost many people close to them and African Americans often would be beaten and or killed if they where to give any information to union soilders the civil war had many effects on women and African Americans. white women lost there husbans and relitives and African Americans would be beaten and our killed if cout giving information to union soilders

How many Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam?

The Vietnam government claimed that about 400,000 Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam.

How many African Americans died or were wounded during the Battle of Long Island?

In the Battle of Long Island there were 993 African Americans wounded, 364 killed, 31 missing, and 1,000 captured.

How many Americans died in the Vietnam conflict?

About 51000 Americans died in the Vietnam conflict.

How many Doctors of Medicine MDs were killed in the Vietnam war?

list of navy physicians killed in vietnam

Did General Nathan Bedford Forrest have African-American soldiers fighting in his units in the civil war?

No. He was a Confederate officer and member of the Klan. He killed 300 African Americans in 1864. Union officer Shaw did have African Americans in his 54 regimen. Many African Americans served in all the wars the US has been involved in.