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50 countries originally signed it, and the 51st, Poland, signed later.

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50 nations signed the original charter.

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50 nations

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Q: How many countries originally signed the United Nations Charter?
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The original United Nations charter was signed by?

50 of the original countries

The original United Nations charter was signed by how many countries?

it was signed by 50 out of 51 of the original countries.

How many nations signed up for the united nations treaty in 1945?

l believe it was originally 117 countries

What was the United Nations charter modeled after?

The United Nations charter is an amendment to a constitutional document. This charter was modeled after the United States' Constitution which allows for amendments throughout the course and changes that take place within the country.

When Philippines become member of united nations?

The nation of the Philippines is one of the original signatories of the United Nations Charter. The Charter was signed in 1945.

How many countries signed the charter agreement in 1945?

There were 51 countries that signed the United Nations Charter in 1945.

Was The Atlantic Charter the foundation on which the United Nations was built?

The Atlantic Charter was the first step in the formation of the United Nations. Many of the ideas and concepts of the Atlantic Charter were used as a basis for the United Nations including the idea of peace and unity. After this was issued, more nations began to join in on the idea and to become a part of it. Eventually these concepts were used along with other nations that joined together to make the United Nations.

What was the first country to ratify the united nations charter?

The United States. -gradpoint.

In 1945 in California 50 nations signed the charter creating the?

United Nations which replaced the League of Nations.

When was the charter of the nations was adopted?

The Charter of the United Nations was signed on June 26, 1945, in San Francisco. Later, on October 24 of the same year the charter came into force.

What inspired the founding of the united nations organization?

The Atlantic Charter

Is the United Nations the same thing as the US?

no, the US is part of the united nations The United Nations is a body of countries which has several branches to it. So the US is one of the countries which is a member of the United Nations