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If you mean organization like a group to help countries work things out... then that would be the United Nations.

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United Nations Organization or the UNO was formed after WW2.

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United Nations. Formed in 1945.

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Q: Which organization did world powers create immediately after world war ii?
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When and why did the United Nations get created?

The United Nations was created in 1945 immediately after WW II, because the nations of the world wanted to create an organization to prevent war.

What was the name of the international organization that was create after world war 1?

The League of Nations.

This is an organization of nations set up after World War 2 including both of the super powers?

The United Nations, often abbreviated as the UN.

The success of the north Atlantic treaty organization NATO immediately after world war 2 is generally believed to have been dependent on the inclusion of what?

The United States

How do you make a potion that gives you superpowers?

There are no actual super powers in the world, other than the extension of your natural abilities to learn and create. Super powers are found in fantasy and fiction.

Can there be organization in a disorganised world?

There can be organization in a disorganized world, but this organization often fails.

What is the main purpose of the Clinton Global Initiative organization?

The Clinton Global Initiative organization was formed with a mission to turn ideas into action. The organization strives to create and implement innovative solutions to resolve some of the world's most troubling issues.

Why was the cold war a world wide affair?

Because the US and the USSR were world powers. World powers are called world powers because they EFFECT the world.

What WTO stand for?

world trade organization

What defense organization was formed by the countries of Western Europe and the US after World War 2?

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, was formed by the Allied Powers after WW2.

Which international organization was formed to promote and enforce trade laws and regulations?

The WTO (World Trade Organization)

What powers were in World War 2?

The Allied Powers, Axis powers, and the Neutral Powers