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Q: How many floors was Bruno's house in Berlin?
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How many floors does the scyscraper house on moshi monsters have?

you can have up to 4 floors but only if you are a member

How many floors in the Sydney Opera House?

only one floor but the building is very large and therefore, it seems to have many floors

How many bed rooms does Bruno have in Berlin in the The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Need answer urgent right NOW?

I'm not quite sure if it says the number of "bedrooms". But it says that their house in Berlin had 5 floors, that is if you counted the basement and the little roowhere there was a window where he could see if stood on his tip-toes(: I hope that helps(;

How many floors does massie block have in her house?

Most likely three.

How many floors does a three story house have?

In buildings the word story means a floor or level. 3 stories, 3 floors.

How many doors does a dutch home have?

Depends on the house. How big it is, if it has a garden. How many floors it has etc. etc.

How many floors are in the White House?

The White House has six stories. Much of it is underground or concealed with landscaping.

How many floors are there in the Gosselin's house?

There are at least three floors of living space, the ground floor, half basement, and then the upper floor where the kids have their bedrooms and share bathrooms.

Where can one find pictures of solid wood floors?

There are many places where one can find pictures of solid wood floors. One can find pictures of solid wood floors at popular on the web sources such as Photobucket and This Solid House.

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17 floors 17 floors

How many nails are used in a average house?

When building an average size house that is 1,200 square feet, there are about 12,000 nails that are used. This can vary greatly depending on how many floors and how many rooms are in the home.

What is the definition os a storey?

A story is a book or a narrative but a storey is how many floors in a building. E.G. if someone say "my house is two storey's high" it means that their house has one set of stairs (an upstairs). Some hotels could have hundreds of storey's (Floors).