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A soldier gets a 21 gun salute.

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Q: How many guns salute does a soldier get?
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What is a 12 gun salute?

a 12 gun salute is a military funeral salute. It is usaully performed by 4 uniformed honor guards who fire 3 shots. 4x3=12, hence the title 12 gun salute.

What side do Military people salute on?

In almost all cases, the hand salute is rendered with the right hand. Some soldiers may salute with the left hand when the right hand is encumbered in some way(though it is rare), for example, a soldier with a rifle at Right Shoulder Arms; if movement of a weapon would be encumbered when making the armed salute; if the performance of duty requires the right hand for use or operation of equipment such as riding a motorcycle; if it is not possible to use the hand due to injury or amputation; when escorting a woman and it is not possible to walk on her right side. There is an exception for Cavalry soldiers that are dismounted- they salute with the left hand- the reins of the horse are in their right hand.

What does the term twenty one guns mean?

A twenty one gun salute is a military (army and navy) honour for Heads of State. This is thought to come about for the early days of gunpowder which was very hard to keep dry on ships. So naval ships would fire a seven gun salute, which forts on land had to answer with a ratio of 3 to 1, this is where the number 21 comes from.

Where did the modern Western military salute come from?

The modern western military salute evolved from the practice of raising ones hat. The salute is used as a symbolic gesture.

Why do you we salute the flag?

We salute the flag because it shows loyalty and it shows the love for our country.

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How many guns are used in a US Supreme Court Justice gun salute?

They merit a salute of 19 guns.

How many guns are fired at the Tower of London in salute to the Queen's birthday?

41 Gun Salute

In 1841 the gun salute was standardized to how many guns?

The gun salute was standardized in 1841 to include 21 guns, 3 shots per gun.

How does a soldier with a incapacitated right arm salute?

A soldier who is physically unable to salute with his or her right hand may render a salute with the left hand.

What is a military salute featuring firing of guns?

The actual act of firing the guns is called a "Salvo".

What is it called firing military guns in salute?

The actual act of firing the guns is called a "Salvo".

What are the release dates for Branded - 1965 Salute the Soldier Briefly 2-7?

Branded - 1965 Salute the Soldier Briefly 2-7 was released on: USA: 24 October 1965

How many gun shots are fired for the salute?

seven guns fired three times each, for a total of 21 shots

What part of speech is salute?

Saluting is a verb: The soldier is saluting the General.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Salute - 2011?

The cast of The Salute - 2011 includes: Eric Haan as Soldier Grant Measures as Brother

Is this how you spell salute?

Yes that is the correct spelling of salute.Some example sentences are:I salute you for knowing how to spell that word.The soldier forgets to salute his commanding officer.The Nazi salute is illegal in Germany and those caught doing it are jailed.Remember to salute the Queen as she passes.

What actors and actresses appeared in Salute to France - 1944?

The cast of Salute to France - 1944 includes: Philip Bourneuf as Tommy - the British Soldier Claude Dauphin as Jacques Bonhomme Burgess Meredith as Joe - the American Soldier