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The Shermans had eight children, six of whom lived to adulthood: * Maria Ewing Sherman Fitch (Jan. 18, 1851-Nov. 22, 1913) * Mary Elizabeth Sherman (Mar. 17, 1852-April 6, 1925) * William Tecumseh Sherman, Jr. (June 8, 1854-Oct. 10, 1863) * Thomas Ewing Sherman (Oct. 12, 1856-April 29, 1933) * Eleanor Mary Sherman Thackara (Sept. 5, 1859- July 18, 1915) * Rachel Ewing Sherman Thorndike (July 5, 1861-Oct. 26, 1919) * Charles Celestine Sherman (June 11, 1864-Dec. 4, 1864) * Philemon Tecumseh Sherman (Jan. 9, 1867-Dec. 6, 1941)

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Q: How many kids did William T. Sherman have with Ellen Ewing?
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