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Approximately thirteen million people were killed in the Holocaust. Approximately six million of them were Jewish, and the others were targeted by the Nazis because they were Roma, political dissidents, or homosexuals.

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Q: How many other people would killed during the Holocaust?
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How many people were killed in the holocaust other than Jews?

People that were killed during the Holocaust in addition to the millions of Jews were the Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and people with disabilities. Also killed were Gypsies, Poles, Soviet POWs, and slaves in Eastern Europe.

Did people in concentration camps kill other people during the holocaust?

no but the German people killed all the Jews there or worked them to death

Other groups of people besides the Jews who were killed during the Holocaust?

gypsies --- Please see the related question.

What other kinds of people were killed during the holocaust?

Poles, Balkan peoples, Gypsies (Romanos), disabled people, mentally ill people

Were there other people killed along the side of the Jewish people of Europe?

yes they was more killed in the holocaust

Who were the primary targets during the Holocaust?

Jews They also killed Deaf people Mentally ill people Physically ill people Disabled people Gypsies Homosexuals Criminals Non German aryan people but other 50% of the amount of people was kille dby the nazis were jews in a total of 7 million jews was killed out of the 12 million who was killed in total during the holocaust

How many people were estimated to be killed during the holocaust?

It has been estimated that about 13.5 Million people were murdered during the Holocaust. 6.6 Million being Jews, 3 Million being Soviet POW's, 1.9 Million being Non-Jewish Poles. Other kinds of people such as the Mentally and Physically Disables along with Criminals, Black People and Romas were also killed the Nazi Genocide which is known as the Holocaust.

Were other people killed aside from Jewish people during the time of World War 1?

The Nazi Holocaust of the Jews took place in World War 2 ...

How many people other than Jews were killed during the Holocaust?

none, the gypsies suffered thier own genocide at the same time though.

What other types of people were killed in the Holocaust besides the Jewish people?

Hitler killed Jews,Gypsies,homesexuals,and anyone Who did not follow him.

Who were killed during the Holocaust besides Jews?

All different types of race were killed. Hitler wanted there to only be people with blond hair. he also killed homosexuals, jehovas witnesses, and other unwanted people thr sent to kill.

How many deaf people were killed during the Holocaust?

Nobody was killed for simply being deaf. The above answer is wrong. Many people were killed just because of there disability whether it be big or little. In fact my great great aunt (My mom's dad's aunt) was deaf and killed in the holocaust. as for the exact number, i do not know. sorry that i did not answer your question, but i had to improve the other one.

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