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Averaged out to about 200.

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Q: How many panzers were in a division in World War 2?
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What is the most common tank the Nazis used in World War 2?


Were there Panzers in World War I?

No "Panzers" were used in WWI, the first one was built in the 1930's. There was, however, a tank called the A4V built in Germany and used in the end of WWI.

How many men in a World War 2 division?

there are 20 men in a division

Why was the panzer important in World War 2?

Panzer=Armor. Every combatant nation in WWII had panzers. Why was the panzer important in WW2? Answers: 1. Panzers replaced horses (armor replaced horse cavalry) 2. Horses can't stand up to tanks (panzers) 3. Nations had to get with the program and exchange their horses for panzers (tanks) or else they'd be the laughing stock world wide!

What was good about nazi Germany?

Blitzkrieg Panzers V2 Rockets causing the second world war is a major accomplishment

Why was World War 2 a movement war?

Just look at the German tactics like Blitzkrieg (Lighting War). It contained Stukas Or Ju-78 tactical bombing on the enemy defences. Then Panzers like Tiger or Panther destroy the enemy leftovers. Then mechanised infantary was covering the back of panzers. And after they destroyed the enemy they didnt stop they just went forward and forward.

What World War 2 army division had the most Indiana draftees?

4th division

Was the 101st airborn division retierd after world war 2?

yes it was retierd after world war 2.

What was the division of the RCMP in world war 2?

No. 1 Provost Company of 1st Canadian Division

How many men are in a division in world war 1?

Usually 15000. 10- 15 regiments of 1000 men

Explain the division of Germany after world war 2 and how it changed and developed within the first few years after the war?

Explain the division of Germany after world war 2 and how it changed and developed within the first few ears after the war?

What are Panzers?

The common name for a panzer isBATTLE TANK. It is a massive armoured vehicle used in war front.

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