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Over 1.5 million children were killed during the Holocaust, and many more were experimented on. They were put in high and low pressure chambers to test the effects this had on their bodies, they had chemicals injected into their eyes to change their eye colour, they were put in freezing cold water to find a cure for hypothermia, and perhaps worst of all, some twins were sewn together like Siamese twins. Vera Alexander, a Jewish inmate at Auschwitz, looked after 50 sets of Romain twins. He said: "I remember one set of twins in particular: Guido and Ina, aged about four. one day, Mengele took them away. when they returned, they were in a terrible state: they had been sewn together, back to back, like Siamese twins. Their wounds were infected and oozing pus. They screamed day and night. Then their parents - I remember the mother's name was Stella - managed to get some morphine and they killed the children in order to end their suffering."

I cried the first 5 times I read that. How could anyone do that?

I hope that helped.


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CF is horrible.

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Q: How many people did not survived the Holocaust?
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How many people that survived the Holocaust got a medal?

There was no medal for surviving the Holocaust.

How many Non-Jewish people survived the Holocaust?

The question does not really make sense. The only non-Jews in the Holocaust were those doing the persecuting. It is like asking how many Popes survived the Inquisition.

What did the people who survived the holocaust do next?

It is hard to determine what the people who survived the holocaust did next. It is safe to assume that many returned home to rebuild their lives. Many others probably immigrated to new lands to begin life with a fresh start.

Holocaust victim who survived?

there are quite a few people who survived if you want answers look it up.

How many Jews escaped or survived the Holocaust?


How many Jewish women survived the holocaust?


How many people survived the Holocaust?

Not very many people survived. Nobody knows the exact number but about, 1 in 10 survived which is an estimated.___Less then 1% of the people survived the Holocaust.___One of the problems is that there is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor. However, please see the related question, which gives a figure of about 200,000.Approximately 3,546,211 people survived the holocaust if one is referring to the number of Jews. The actual number of people cannot be accounted for in that case.

How many people died in the Holocaust and how many survived during the Holocaust?

About 11-17 million people died in the Holocaust (depending on the definition of Holocaust used). Unfortunately, there are competing definitions.It was actually the mass murder of six million Jews.There is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor.Please see the related questions below.

What happened to the people who survived the atrocities?

The people who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust were left with many physical and emotional issues. It took years for many of these people to recover. They were left with nothing, and had to begin their life over, often in new countries.

Who were the 12 children who survived the holocaust?

There were more than 12 children who survived the Holocaust.

What percentage of Jews survived Auschwitz?

Just before the Holocaust there were about 18 million Jews world wide, and about one third (33%) were killed in the Holocaust.

What hapened in the holocaust?

people used to be realy bad to others like leo he survived the holocaust its very sad to know.