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  1. About 11-17 million people died in the Holocaust (depending on the definition of Holocaust used). Unfortunately, there are competing definitions.
  2. It was actually the mass murder of six million Jews.

There is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor.

Please see the related questions below.

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Q: How many people died in the Holocaust and how many survived during the Holocaust?
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How many people survived the Holocaust?

Not very many people survived. Nobody knows the exact number but about, 1 in 10 survived which is an estimated.___Less then 1% of the people survived the Holocaust.___One of the problems is that there is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor. However, please see the related question, which gives a figure of about 200,000.Approximately 3,546,211 people survived the holocaust if one is referring to the number of Jews. The actual number of people cannot be accounted for in that case.

Did people that were hiding in the Holocaust die?

Some of the people that were hiding in the Holocaust died, while others were sent to concentration camps. Though brutal, some Jews survived.

What illness did people die from during the holocaust?

Of people who survived torture, etc., many died of starvation (see the picture above). When unfed, the body consumes its own fat for energy. People also died from dehydration and digestive illness such as diarrhea.

How many people died during the holocaust in rwanda?

937,000 people

Who was survivors of the Holocaust?

There are a few survivors but most of them died. Anne Franks father survived the holocaust.

How many people are estimated to have died during the Holocaust?

The amount of people that died during the holocaust was avout 12 million people. That is alot of people. frick

How many people died in Romania during the holocaust?


How many children in the Holocaust's parents died during the Holocaust?

11 million people were killed. Think about that.

How many people died in Australia during the Jewish holocaust?


Who was the only occupant to survive concentration caps during the holocaust?

There were many who survived, obviously the vast proportion died, but the survivors numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

How did Abraham bergman from the Holocaust die?

he acually died of old age he survived

What happened to people inside gas chambers during the Holocaust?

they suffocated and died