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It is not possible to give the exact number, but the following site will give you a list of victims, from public life. Hope I helped... =)

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Q: How many people did the Gestapo kill?
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How many people did the Gestapo kill in all?

The Gestapo killed about 6 million Jews including gypsies, homosexuals, russians ---------------------------------------------------- The Gestapo were part of the police, the people that they killed had nothing to do with the Holocaust. They killed some under tourtue and executed some, most likely the figure is in the thousands. The 6 million Jews and the others were killed mainly by the SS, and also by the army.

What did Hitler make the Gestapo's do?

He made them kill millions of people and be his bodyguards. They would also distroy other campains of other people.

How many people were killed in the holocaust just by the gestapo and s.s.?

i dk

How did the gestapo kidnap Jewish people?

The Gestapo did not kidnap Jewish people, they were rarely involved in Jewish affairs.

Why did people fear the gestapo?

because the Gestapo had almost unlimited powers and almost no accountability.

Hitler's secret police was called?

the gestapo

What symbols did the gestapo use to identify people?

The star of David.

How many Asian Cobras kill people?

if they kill people all of them

Where did the gestapo?

because gestapo is aweshum

Did adolf hitler tie people to chairs and beat them up?

No, the Gestapo did.

How did Klaus Barbie kill Jews?

Barbie was know as the Butcher of Lyon, he tortured the Resistance members, and was a fervent Gestapo Agent.

Where did the gestapo operate?

because gestapo is aweshum