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I don't see how anyone could possibly compile reliable statistics on that. What's more, a lot of people would feel under an obligation to give a 'good answer' and that would vary from region to region: in the US a 'good answer' to 'Do you doubt that the Holocaust took place?' would be 'no', but in much of the Middle East it would be 'yes'. To cap it all, in many countries, the reply would probably be something like, 'Holocaust? What's that?'

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Presumably there are some sociological surveys but I haven't encountered any. Obviously, a well conducted survey would have to allow for people who have 'some doubts', 'strong doubts' and just don't care.

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The president of Iran (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) recently declared at a UN conference that the Holocaust did not happen. He says this because his religion (Islam) tells him that the Jews are pigs and must be destroyed from the face of the earth. He is actually a member of a radical sect of Islam called the Twelvers. They believe that Allah will "come back" (like the 2nd return of Christ) after a great world war. Ahmadinejad believes that he has been appointed by Allah to start this war, and has decided the first way to start the war is to bomb Israel, which is why Iran has been so insistent on their nuclear war program these past couple of months. To justify his actions, and to prove himself before his people, he claims that the Holocaust did not occur and the Israelites are a bunch of liars.
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If the phrase "in the world" is meant literally (including India and China), I wonder how many people care or even know.

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Q: How many people doubt the Holocaust?
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