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About 510,300

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Q: How many people got shot and died in the civil war?
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How many people got shot during the Civil War?


What happened if you were shot during civil war?

you usually died

How many people died from Scotland in world war 1?

None - they died from gun shot wounds or disease.

How many people died from illness in the american revolution?

More than thirty thousand people died from disease or from being shot

What war was abrahamlincon in office for?

Civil WAr. After it ended he was shot by JOhn Booth and died

What were two reasons soldiers died during the civil war?

being shot and infections

How long did soldiers in the civil war have to train?

Most soldiers were draftees or volunteers, and had little or no training. Many died before they fired a shot in battle

How many people died 2017 to 2018 from the flu that had flu shot?


How many people die by a paintball gun?

No one has died as a result of being shot with a paintball gun.

Was Lincoln shot during or after the Civil War?

Lincoln was shot after the civil war

Why people died in war?

Getting shot/exploded

What happened at the civil war?

American soldiers from the North and Confederate soldiers from the South, shot at each other and died.