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There was 20,000 south people fighting

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2010-06-04 17:39:25
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Q: How many southerners fought in the civil war?
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How many southerners and northerners fought in the civil war?

the north had 2 million troops and the south had 800,000 troops

What nations fought the communist IN the Civil War?

The US Civil war did not involve communists. It was a war between the Northerners (Union) of the United States and the Southerners (the Confederacy)

How many southerners died during the civil war?

250,000 southerners died

What type of war southerners fought in the civil war?

Defensive (which is easier) - with a potent war-aim, to defend the homeland against the invader.

What was the Southern cause of the Civil War?

The Southerners' fought the Civil War in an effort to promote their ideal of states' rights and to preserve their perceived right to keep slaves. Many Southerners felt that each state had the right to decide whether slavery would be legal there.

How many soildeirs fought for the confederacy in the civil war?

About 250,000 Confederates fought in the Civil War

How many Southerners died from tuberculosis in the Civil War?

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How many people died from the South in the Civil War?

U.S. Civil War statistics: Total Southerners killed in action = 72, 500. Total Southerners killed = 260,000.

How many fought in the civil war?


How many southerners did not own slaves?

Fully 3/4 of southerners did not own slaves at the eve of the Civil War.

Where was the Civil War mostly fought at?

From 1862-1864 most Civil War battles were fought in Virginia, also many battles were fought in Tennessee.

How many civil war battles were fought in Virginia during the civil war?


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