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1. South Carolina (December 20, 1860)

2. Mississippi (January 9, 1861)

3. Florida (January 10, 1861)

4. Alabama (January 11, 1861)

5. Georgia (January 19, 1861)

6. Louisiana (January 26, 1861)

7. Texas (February 1, 1861)

After the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, and Lincoln's subsequent call for troops on April 15, four more states declared their secession:[9]

1. Arkansas (May 6, 1861)

2. Virginia (April 17, 1861)

3. Tennessee (May 7, 1861)

4. North Carolina (May 20, 1861)

Two more slave states had rival secessionist governments. The Confederacy admitted them, but the two pro-Confederate state governments soon went into exile and never controlled the states which they claimed to represent[citation needed]:

1. Missouri did not secede[citation needed] but a rump group proclaimed secession (October 31, 1861).

2. Kentucky did not secede[citation needed] but a rump, unelected group proclaimed secession (November 20, 1861).

Although the slave states of Maryland and Delaware did not secede, many citizens from those states joined the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

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The American Civil war was fought between Union and Confederate forces from 1861 to 1865. The Union or North had 20 free states and were supported by 5 border slave states.

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Q: How many union states during the civil war?
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How many states were in the union before the civil war?

During the civil war there were 24 states in the union including the border states. but there was 23 states that remained loyal to the union during the war.

How many new England states remained within the union during the civil war?

All New England states remained in the Union during the Civil war.

How many states total left the union during the civil war?

11 States

How many states were in the Union during the Civil War?

Twenty-five states made up the Union during the civil war. These include five slaves states that were referred to as border states. Nevada and West Virginian became states during the Civil War and joined with the Union states.

How many states fought with the Union in the Civil War?

There were 23 states that fought on the side of the Union during the Civil War.

How many States were in the Union before the start of the US Civil War?

There were 34 States in the Union when the Civil War began.

How many union citizens during the civil war?

About 22 million citizens lived in the Union during the Civil War

During the Civil War how many states fought for the Union how many fought for the South?

For the Union: 23; for the South: 11 Additionally, all border states sent forces to fight for the South and the North.

How many states left the union?

Seven seceded before Fort Sumter, and four more immediately after it. Total eleven states of the Confederacy.

Who tried to keep the United States together during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln and many other people in the Union.

What was the difference of the border states in comparison to the majority of states in the union during the civil war?

With exception of Delaware many battles took place on their territories.

How many states belonged to the union?

During the Civil War, the United States was divided into the Union and the Confederacy. Twenty states belonged to the Union, and there were also four border states that did not secede from the United States, but also did not give up slavery. The Confederacy had eleven states.