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Over 58,000 US Servicemen were killed in the Vietnam War.

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Q: How many you u s veterans were killed in Vietnam war?
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How many us military were killed in Vietnam?

SEE: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and Statistics About the Vietnam War (Recommended by the History Channel).

When was Vietnam Veterans Against the War created?

Vietnam Veterans Against the War was created in 1967.

What two memorials are found closets to the Lincoln Memorial?

Korean War Veterans Memorial and Vietnam War Veterans Memorial

Was the Vietnam what before or after World War 2?

After; many Vietnam vets were also WWII veterans.

How many Vietnam War veterans are currently alive?

See: Statistics about the Vietnam War

What effects did the Vietnam war have on Vietnam veterans and their families?


Is there info on Vietnam veterans?

VFW-Veterans of Foreign Wars, founded by Spanish-American War of 1898 veterans in 1899. American Legion-founded by WWI veterans in 1919. AMVETS-American Veterans, founded by WWII veterans in 1944. VVA-Vietnam Veterans of America, founded by Vietnam War veterans in 1978.

How many children killed in Vietnam war?

If your question is about the youngest US Servicemen killed in Vietnam; See: Statistics About the Vietnam War (on line); Recommended by the History Channel.

How many Doctors of Medicine MDs were killed in the Vietnam war?

list of navy physicians killed in vietnam

Which labeled memorial honors war veterans?

vietnam veterans memorial

How many 3 war veterans who served in World War 2 and Korea and Vietnam Survive?


How many Vietnam veterans comitied suicide?

An estimate of the total suicide deaths of veterans of the Vietnam War is about 9,000. Studies show that in the first five years after returning from the war, veterans were 1.7 times more likely to commit suicide than non-Vietnam veterans.