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With the conflict between Germany and France fighting over Europe, World War I began, especially due to the tension created from the result of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Germany wanted power and dominance over Europe, while France was looking for equivalency of power. America then got involved in order to make sure that no country would gain total control over Europe to prevent any threats to the United States security and economy. The United States began to support Allies by increasing trade and also beginning to lend money with them. The declaration of war on Germany in 1917 was mostly influenced by German naval policy, although American economic interest and Woodrow Wilson's idealism did portray a part.

On February 1915, Germans created a submarine blockade in the British Empire's Ocean's, sinking several belligerent ships, which included the Lusitania. The United States then threatened the German Government causing them to back down. Later in February of 1917, Germany then declared unrestricted submarine warfare threatening the ideals of neutrality, commerce and security. The German U-Boats wanted to sink supply ships in order to starve the Britain islands of their goods. The German's naval policy was the major reason why the United States declared war on Germany. The sinking of the Lusitania was the biggest influence of American in WWI. It was so much of an influence that it was said without the sinking of the Lusitania, the United States most likely would not of entered the war.

Another reason for the entrance in the war was the American economic interest. Although it did influence the entrance of the United States in the war, it did not have such an impact that the German naval policy displayed. The United States had big economic investments with countries that were involved in the war such as Britain and France. If the United States would of lost these investments, they would not of been able to pay the debt back of two million dollars. If Allies would not of been able to pay back loans made by American bankers, the United State's economy could of collapses. France and England were financing their war with American loans and buying mass amounts of firearms from the United States on credit. The United States wanted to make sure they got paid back. America then made sure that the Allies won in order to prevent the collapses of their economy, even if it mean entering the war themselves.

Woodrow Wilson's ideals also played a role of America's decision to declare war on Germany. Wilson wanted to make the world safe for democracy and addressed this through his War Address to Congress. From Germany sinking the Lusitania, American's grew hatred towards Germany, hence giving Wilson the motivation to declare war on Germany. Although the German naval policy was the most influence on the war, it was not the only part. America also joined the war efforts in order to fight for the freedom against Germany. The United States may have let the Lusitania go down in history without a fight, but a moral sense had developed in Britain and France giving the United States motivation to declare war on Germany.

The German naval policy, American economic interest and Woodrow Wilson's idealism may have all caused the United States to declare war on Germany, but the major reason as to why war was declared onto Germany was the German naval policy. Without the dominance of German's in the British Isles trying to prevent goods from entering and the sinking of the Lusitania, the United States could not help but fight in the war efforts with all of the motivation created from the hatred towards the Germans.

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Q: How mite Germany have prevented World War 1?
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