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Jul 16 1945 Trinity 19 Kilotons Test

Aug 6 1945 Little Boy 15 Kilotons Bombing of Hiroshima, Japan

Aug 9 1945 Fat Man 21 Kilotons Bombing of Nagasaki, Japan

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I assume when you say "the atomic bomb," you're talking about the ones dropped on Japan during WWII. The numbers above have nothing to do with the weight of the bombs used--they're the equivalence of TNT to achieve the same blast. The weight of the bombs dropped were a little less than five tons (ten thousand pounds) each, but most of the weight was casing and other material. The actual material that exploded only weighed a few pounds. Today, tactical nuclear bombs weigh less than a hundred pounds and can be carried and set up and used by a single soldier.

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Q: How much did the Atom Bomb weigh?
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