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Seventeen with parental consent. The mimimum age was 17 with parental permission, 18 without their permission.

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Q: How old to volunteer in World War 2?
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Who was a female volunteer in world war 2?

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Near the end of World War 2 the Japanese formed the?

People's Volunteer Army

What were the names of the groups of volunteer women in world war 2?

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Who was the 1st person to volenteer in world war 2 in the state of Virginia?

The first person to Volunteer in World War 2 was Robert Di Carlo.

What does WVS stand for World War 2?

Womens Volunteer Service Corps - Canada

What was it called when you joined the army during world war 2?

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What did they call a female volunteer during World War 2?

Women's Army Corps (WAC) , Waves -"Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service" .

Which speaker would provide the MOST practical information on the role of the Thames in World War 2?

a local war historian

Why did the Nisei wanted to volunteer to serve in the US military during World War 2?

To prove they were loyal Americans

Are there junkyards anywhere that have old World War 2?

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What contribution did the Flying Tigers make in World War 2?

Answer this question… They served as part of China's volunteer air force.