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5`10 and taller

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Q: How tall did the German SS soldiers have to be?
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How did the Russians treat German SS pow's?

The Soviet Army suspected most SS men of having committed atrocities. If they could, SS men tried to get taken prisoner with ordinary regular German soldiers and remove the tattoo.

How many German Jews served in the German SS?

Absolutely none... The elite soldiers of the SS were administered extensive background checks for 'Dirty Blood'... they had to be of pure German, Saxon, Norse, or Sudeten decent for at least three hundred years...

How many german soldiers did hitler have?

The official German army during Hitler's rule (the Nazi Wehrmacht) had 18.2 million active soldiers at its peak. Not to mention the SS and the Gestapo.

When did german soldiers get stationed at Auschwitz?

generally it was the SS more than soldiers who were stationed to Auschwitz, but it would have been whilst it was in operation, between 1940 and 1945.

What do they do in the Holocaust camps?

In the late 1930s and the 1940s, the German SS soldiers killed millions of Jewish people in the holocaust camps.

What does the SS army of Hitlers stand for?

The great majority of German soldiers in World War 2 were members of the regular armed forces, not the SS. The SS (stands for Schutzstaffel) was a special elite army. See related question below.

Are the waffen ss better soldiers?

Yes, the SS soldiers were better, probably because they were super committed to Hitler and his war-making.

What is the German word for soldiers?

The German word for "soldiers" is "Soldaten".

Can aluminum and ss be kept together?

If you want to keep your SS soldier intact, you shouldn't keep aluminum aroud him. Actually, I have a few SS soldiers that are missing an arm or a foot for that reason. SS soldiers melt when they come in contact with aluminum, which is why allied soldiers used aluminum bullets during WW2.

What Storm trooper in German?


Who was the hilter youth?

The Hitler Youth was the soldiers in the SS who were not yet over the age of 18___They were a kind of Nazi party equivalent to the boy scouts. They were not 'soldiers in the SS'.

How many soldiers were killed in the Holocuast?

About one or two soldiers died with the exception of the SS