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Yes there were slaves Yes there were slaves

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Q: How was slavery in the U.S. during the Civil War?
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What did an abolitonist do during the Civil War?

An Abolitionist supported the abolition or end of slavery during the US Civil War.

Who was the Union during the US Civil War?

The north, which was against slavery.

Who was US president during the end of the Cicil War?

its spelled civil war and the president during the civil war was Abraham Lincoln and he was assassinated at the end of the war but it was all because of slavery

What war ended slavery in the US?

civil war. civil war.

What was the reason for civil war in US?


What was one definition of a Radical Republican during the US Civil War?

The most common definition of a Radical Republican during the US Civil War was a Republican who viewed the war as a crusade against slavery. They were a minority in the party. But they were a vocal minority.

What was not a reason for the US Civil War?

A reason that is NOT for the Civil War is to get more land.

When did slavery become a problem in the US making the Civil War start?

The civil war started over "States Rights", not slavery.

Who is a person who wanted to end slavery in the US during the Civil War?

The 16th U.S. president Abraham Lincoln.

What were the causes of the civil war in the us?

slavery ;) thats it

What was America free from after the US civil war?


What is true in slavery us before civil war?