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there was a newly created generation so they tried to forget what had happened. Japan obviously had new technology, so of course we wanted it so we sent people over there and since there was a new generation at hand they didn't try and kill us all again. but as i watched in a doco called 'Return to Sandarken' many of the soldiers that got away from the death marches and P.O.W camps don't want to forgive and forget. they hate all Japanese for what they did and don't think that Australia should let the Japanese into our counrty for what they did to us...killing us and all. but i guess it is in the beholders hand..or with us..our prime let the Japanese in. and i think that we should just forgive and forget because This generation of Australians and Japanese didnt do anything so we shouldn't think any different of them.

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Q: How were Australian and Japanese relations repaired after World War 2?
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How did poor relations with the Japanese lead the US into World War 2?

they attacked us

Were Japanese prisoners of the World War 2 mistreated in Australia?

They were treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Australian prisoners of the Japanese were not.

What has the author Chas I McLaren written?

Chas. I. McLaren has written: 'Eleven weeks in a Japanese police cell' -- subject(s): Australian Personal narratives, Japanese Prisoners and prisons, Personal narratives, Australian, Prisoners and prisons, Japanese, World War, 1939-1945 'Preface to peace with Japan' -- subject(s): Civilization, Foreign relations, Reconstruction (1939-1951), Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Reconstruction (1939-1951)

How close to Australian territory did Japanese troops get in World War 2?

The were ON Australian territory since Papua New Guinea was administered by Australia.

What would be Australian slang for a Japanese person or soldier circa World War 2?


What northern Australian city was bombed by the Japanese air force in world war 2?

Darwin was the city in Northern Australia, which was bombed by the Japanese during World War 2.

How were the Australian soldiers captured for the Thailand railway World War 2?

When the Japanese captured Malaya, the Australian forces were withdrawn to Singapore Island where they prepared to meet the Japanese in a set battle on equal terms. Craven British and Australian commanders surrendered without a fight, vastly to the relief of the Japanese who were outnumbered and short of food and ammunition.

Who attacked the Australian mainland during during World War 2?

Japanese bombed Darwin I believe

Who is the Australian doctor who helped prisoners of the Japanese sin World War 2?

Edward Weary Dunlop.

In which years did Japanese planes make attacks on Australia?

The first of the Japanese attacks on Australian soil in World War II occurred in February 1942. The last of the dozens of bombing attacks was in 1943.

Australian views of the Japanese soldiers during world war 2?

The Australian soldiers considered them to be extremely formidable soldiers until they realized with the allies they could be defeated. The Australian prisoners thought they were evil, cruel and monstrous people with the atrocities, cruelties and horrible care they gave to them and the American and the Brits. They were helpful in the War Crimes Trials to get the Japanese convicted.