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Same as for US servicemen; hot, humid, no bath, no toilets, no showers, drinking water from creeks and rivers or bomb craters, leeches, snakes, MOSQUITOES, rats, Spiders, always dirty always hot and usually damp; same clothes (uniforms for weeks at a time). Cold canned food every night and almost every day (unless you heated your "C" rations on a bit of C4 and you certainly weren't going to do that at night time).

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In line with American servicemen, but on a smaller scale, in relation to Australia's population.

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The condidtion of the ausies were the same as the GI's. The Communist fought them just as they did the US. Communist made no distictions and neither did the jungle or the weather.

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Q: How were australians soldiers in Vietnam treated when they got home?
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How were Vietnam soldiers treated when they came home?

Like an enemy.

How would you account for the cold homecoming American soldiers received when they returned from Vietnam?

Vietnam soldiers were treated quite differently than soldiers returning from previous wars. This is because the Vietnam war itself caused great controversy in the US over whether we should be involved or not an many opposed it. When the soldiers returned home they were not greeted with fanfare and excitement. They were greeted with cold shoulders and no respect. Part of this is also due to the media that made the soldiers appear to be killers that destroyed entire civillian villages, which was not true. Many people even hated the soldiers that returned although there was rarely violence involved.

All of the following things happened after the end of the Vietnam war EXCEPT?

Soldiers were NOT welcomed home with happiness. Soldiers that came home from the Vietnam War were called baby killers and were often spat on.

Are the soldiers that are in Iraq being treated better from the Americans than the soldiers that came home during the Vietnam war?

Any returning servicemember is and was treated better than a Vietnam returnee. With the one exception of Confederate soldiers returning home (the south) after the US War of the Rebellion (American Civil War/US Civil War/War between the states). But then technically, those Rebels/Confederates weren't US servicemen either. Union/Federal/Yankees/Blue Coats/Northerners/etc. were actually US servicemen.

How did the Vietnam war affect the soliers?

US servicemen returning home from Vietnam were treated with hostility, discrimination, and rejection.

What did people think of the Vietnam war at the time?

Americans at home were very indifferent and sometimes opposed to the war. Overall, it was unpopular. Soldiers would come back to little to no celebration, and were sometimes treated with disrespect.

How were some of the Vietnam veterans treated when they reaturned home?

like an unwanted erection!!!

How were your veterans treated when they got home from the Vietnam war?

The Black Vietnam War Veterans was treated like dogs. Most of them could not get a job and end up in prison with life sentence.

How did the vietnam war affect us soldiers?

The Vietnam war effected soldiers physically with strain of fighting in the jungle but it also effected soldiers psychological mind set. Soldiers were pulled out of school and work at the age of 17 and thrown into the war. The soldiers had to drink and smoke marijuana to deal with the war. It was hard for soldiers to come back for war and make a life.

How many Vietnam veterans comitied suicide?

An estimate of the total suicide deaths of veterans of the Vietnam War is about 9,000. Studies show that in the first five years after returning from the war, veterans were 1.7 times more likely to commit suicide than non-Vietnam veterans.

Were Vietnam vets greeted poorly when they arrived home?

1. Vietnam and anything associated with the Vietnam war was not popular. 2. Men came home on an individual basis, not as a unit; they rotated out of the Nam, called DEROS.

Effect of US soldiers to Vietnam during Vietnam war?

Draftees served their two years for Uncle Sam; one year tour in Vietnam, then went home. Usually going to college on the GI bill.