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Servicemen returning home from Vietnam were often given a "dirty look" of disguist, or had a "smart remark" made to them. Many returning veterans would NOT tell people that they were veterans of the Vietnam War.

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Q: Treatment of the soldiers from there return from Vietnam?
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What type of trainings did the soldiers in Vietnam need?

living conditions of Vietnam soldiers

How did the US treat its troops after Vietnam?

Nobody in the United States cared that there soldiers were back. Most weren't even greeted upon return.

Did the chinese rule Vietnam?

Yes, the Chinese ruled Vietnam for 1,000 years until 939 AD, China was defeated by Vietnam and had lost control over Vietnam. Vietnamese soldiers and civilians in Vietnam were ruled by chinese soldiers and then finally the vietnamese soldiers fought back against the chinese soldiers and China lost the significant battle against Vietnam.

How many us soldiers died in vietnam?

A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

Were the soldiers of the Vietnam war respected after the war?

In America. the American soldiers? No. In Vietnam - the Vietnamese Viet-Cong? Yes.

Did soldiers in the Vietnam war get train to fight?

Soldiers from North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Korea, Australia, and the United States were all effectively trained and prepared for battle in the Vietnam Conflict.

What foot infections did soldiers in Vietnam suffer from?

One foot infection that soldiers in Vietnam suffered from was an infection called trench foot. Also, many soldiers in Vietnam suffered from basic fungal infections on their feet.

How were soldiers deployed to Vietnam?

Legends says that US used Extensive Helicopters to deploy its soldiers in tough terrain of Vietnam.

Why did so many soldiers return different then when they left for the Vietnam war?

They didn't want the military, they didn't want the war, and they weren't welcome, when they came home.

How did soldiers feel about the treatment after the Vietnam war?

Returning US servicemen tried to not tell anyone they'd been there. Otherwise a fight might start; physically or verbally.

Is there a memorial to the soldiers of the Vietnam War?


How many suicides of soldiers returning from Vietnam war?

2000 soldiers