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Helicopter Pilots landed troops onto foreign soil, several stating they could smell the death in the air, also they evacuated the wounded. Firing cover for the troops, The door gunners &Pilots had a short life-span. The Pilots did use loud speakers on their choppers to put the "fear" of their music into the north(ex."Paint It Black") VC. And each time they landed in a "Hot" LZ meant enemy fire each time. The Choppers were invaluable in Viet Nam. RIP SSgt. Roy D. Nelson, 173rd AB & 82nd "Blackhorse" Armoured Calvary.1967-1971

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Prior to the 20th century, men had to march or ride horse's to battle. From WW2 into Korea, men had to ride machines (tanks, trucks, carriers, parachute, etc.), or walk into battle. Those modes of transportation caused men to fight few battles, as travel time took time away from fighting. The helicopter allowed men to fly into battle quickly; depart the battlefield quickly; and deploy into another battle quickly. The helicopter allowed fighting men to fight MORE battles in one week, whereas before the helicopter, men could only fight one battle in that same time period. See General Westmoreland's remarks: Statistics About the Vietnam War

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Because for the first time in the history of mankind, helicopters were used for nearly everything in a war:

1. Transportation of troops.
2. Transportation of artillery.
3. Transportation of wounded and dead.
4. Transportation of fuel and ammunition.
5. Transportation of Riverine Boats.
6. Transportation of M113 APC/ACAVs.
7. Transportation of fixed wing airplanes.
8. Transportation of other helicopters.
9. Entering enemy territory and rescuing downed US airmen.
10. The worlds first in combat general service attack helicopter: AH-1 Cobra.
11. The helicopter (OH-6 Cayuse) REPLACED the US Army's O-1 Bird Dog artillery observation airplane.

Every helicopter you see today anywhere in the world...police, ambulance, telephone pole repairmen, power line towers in the mountains, are the result of the helicopter experience of the Vietnam War.
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Q: How were helicopters used in the Vietnam War?
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What were the different types of helicopters used in the Vietnam war?

Magnum 5229zx6

In the Vietnam War when did the first Helicopter get interduced?

US Army helicopters landed in South Vietnam in 1956. They were used in the Korean War in 1950-53.

What did they use the helicopter for in the 60s?

In the 1960's helicopters were used for literally everything in the Vietnam War.

What war was the first war to use a Gatling gun on helicopters?

That was the Vietnam war

How were American troops transported throughout the Vietnam war?

helicopters and tanks.

How was the Vietnam war influenced by Americans?

It was fought the AMERICAN way (jets, tanks, helicopters, firepower).

How many helikopters did usa loose in Vietnam?

Over 5,000 US helicopters were destroyed in the war.

How were soldiers deployed to Vietnam?

Legends says that US used Extensive Helicopters to deploy its soldiers in tough terrain of Vietnam.

What were the major losses of Vietnam War?

5,000 helicopters; 2,000 jets; 600 tanks; 58,000 men.

Where there any helicopters in the Vietnam war?

Yes. Vietnam was nicknamed the "helicopter war" (among other names). There were more choppers used in the Viet War than any other war in the history of mankind...before, during, or since the Vietnam War.

What was the first war that helicopters were used in?

The Korean war was the first time Vertical Envelopment was used, or the use of helicopters to assist troops in battle.

Why was helicopter gunships used as a us tactic in the Vietnam war?

Without the helicopter, the war might have gone on, for the US, for 20 or 30 years AFTER the Tonkin Gulf incident...or never have been fought at all; it was that important. The helicopter made the Vietnam War. Vietnam was a helicopter war.