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by using military statistics

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by using military statistics

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When a speaker ignores the audience's ideals and expectations?

it is likely that the audience will distrust the speaker.

What could happen if a speaker ignores the audience expectations and ideals?

it is likely that the audience will distrust the speaker.

If the speaker wanted to reinforce a point what technique should he or she use?

The speaker can use repetition to reinforce a point. By repeating the key idea in different ways or using examples, the audience is more likely to remember and understand the message being conveyed.

Maintained that a speaker must have a trustworthy character in order to be persuasive?

Aristotle and Ptah-Hotep maintained that a speaker must have a trustworthy character in order to be persuasive.

How would a speaker most likely reach the emotions of an audience?

by using pathos appeals(APEXX)

Why is credibility important to a persuasive speech?

Credibility is important in a persuasive speech because it helps the audience trust and believe in the speaker. When the audience perceives the speaker as credible, they are more likely to be persuaded by their message. Credibility also enhances the speaker's ability to establish a connection with the audience and build rapport.

What is the speaker trying to convince the audience of in killer in our midst?

The threat of killed bees should be taken more seriously. -apex

How would a speaker most likely establish credibility in the eyes of his or her audience during wartime?

by quoting respected military strategists

Why would ethos be used in a presuasive speech?

Using ethos in a persuasive speech helps to establish the speaker's credibility and authority on the topic, making the audience more likely to trust the information being presented. By highlighting their expertise, moral character, or goodwill, the speaker can build confidence and connection with the audience, increasing the likelihood of their message being accepted or believed.

Why Which audience is How do you Eat an Ice Cream Cone most likely written for?

"How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone" is most likely written for children or individuals who are new to eating ice cream cones. The audience may include anyone seeking step-by-step instructions on how to enjoy this sweet treat. The guidance provided in the text is likely to be basic and easy to understand to cater to a broad audience.

Why would ethos be used in a pursuasive speech?

Ethos is used in a persuasive speech to build credibility and trust with the audience. By establishing the speaker's expertise, authority, and moral character, ethos can persuade listeners to be more receptive to the speaker's message and more likely to be convinced by their arguments.

Which speaker is most likely to feel represented in the U.S. government?

Speaker 3