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Civilians work for money. Military personnel are serving their comes second; that's why sometimes men are drafted...low pay, sometimes even no pay (it will be paid whenever the government can get the funds to the men/and or a place to spend it). Civilians can quit...up until the end of the Vietnam War, military men could NOT quit. It would be the stockade if they tried.

Civilians are working FOR the military, FOR MONEY; they are not IN THE MILITARY (unless drafted). The ONLY benefit the military man will get will be retirement at age 38 or 39, if he joined the service at age 18. That will be far and above the average civilian who still working at age 62 thru 65.

Military personnel pay now (hardships), play later (early retirement benefits).

Civilian personnel play now (freedom to quit, freedom to make more money), PAY LATER (by working until they are in the 50's and 60's until they can receive a pension).

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Q: If you are a military contractor and you worked overseas is that considered as you serving time for the military?
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No, not if you roll your profit into your new home. Additionally, serving overseas doesn't exempt military folks from capital gains tax.

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International law recognizes that US citizen Contractor employees serving with the Armed Forces of the US in the field have military status therefore do the Military leave laws apply to contractors?

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