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Not during the 20th century. However, President Bush "may" have recently signed a law allowing that to happen.

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Q: If you were in the American military do you automatically get citizenship?
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Are Cubans who land in USA automatically become American Citizens?

No this does not grant them AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP.

You have an American father and Korean mother born in Korea on a military base what citizenship are you?

You have an automatic American Citizenship as the father is an American citizen. It doesn't matter whether or not you are born on a military base or if your mother isn't a American citizen.

How Italian woman can have American citizenship automatically after 12 years of marriege?

There are no automatic citizenship in the United States. If she has lived in the US in the past 5 years and has had a valid green card, she can apply for US citizenship.

What do you have to get to be in the military?

American citizenship, 18 years of age, patriotism and a high school diploma.

When married to an American are you automatically American too?

Even if a foreigner marries an American citizen they do not automatically gain US citizenship. There is a very detailed, lengthy, process in which both the foreigner and US spouse must go through in order for the foreigner to gain citizenship. This process can take years and may be denied by the end of it all.

Can your boyfriend get his citizenship im American and im having his child?

That won't prevent him from obtaining citizenship, so I suppose the answer is "yes, as long as he follows the proper procedure". It doesn't automatically happen.

Does Martin Lawrence have US citizenship?

Yes, he does. His father was an American citizen serving military in Germany when he was born.

If you were born in the US when and how do you decide to be an American Citizen?

If your birth certificate was filed in the United States of America then you are automatically an American citizen. If you also claim citizenship with another country, the United States government asks that you choose your citizenship to one or the other.

Can an American become a fighter pilot in a foreign military?

Yes, provided they satisfy all requirements including citizenship.

If child is born in Germany and mother is Canadian and father is American will the child have dual citizenship?

The child will have dual citizenship in Canada and America. It depends on why the couple was in Germany. If he was stationed there for military reasons, the child will have no type of German citizenship.

If a baby is born in India to a Canadian mother and father does the baby automatically get Canadian citizenship?

It depends on the Indian Citizenship Law. If they give the instant citizenship to new born babies then the child have dual nationalities otherwise it is automatically gets the Canadian Citizenship.

You are an Indian and you want to marry with Peruvian girl So you will get citizenship of Peru automatically or not?

Peruvian citizenship is not automatically given to the spouse of a Peruvian citizen right after the marriage.