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No. The Nazis did not establish ghettos in Germany itself, only in occupied countries. In some of the big cities in Germany Jews were compelled to live in designated 'Jewish apartment blocks' from 1939 on.

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Q: In 1937 were there any Jewish ghettos in Germany?
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What were segregated Jewish areas in Polish cities?

Ghettos, the same as for any neighborhood that is segregated for ethnic or cultural reasons.

How was in charge of the ghetto?

The governor of any district was in ultimate charge of any ghettos in his district, but the day-to-day running of the ghettos was done by a Jewish council made up from the inhabitants of the ghetto.

Why did the Jews agree to work as police in the ghettos?

The ghettos were communities for Jews, run by Jews, the Germans rarely entered. This was done for a few reasons; it meant that the measures and decrees that the Germans dictated to the ghettos had to be announced and implemented by the Jewish governing bodies (the Jewish councils) and any complaints or dissension had to be aimed at them. In order to not only deal with this, but to enforce normal law and order the ghettos had to have a police force. Not only did Jews agree to become policemen, it was perhaps the most desirable job in the ghetto. It meant a job, which meant food for them and their families.

How many Jews died in ghettos in Nazi Germany?

a lot. People are unlikely to answer this question as Germany and other countries have not yet revealed how many have died in Germany so you, nor any other person who wants to find this out, will be able to find out how many Jews have died at the Nazi Germany time.

Where did the Jews live before there was concentration camps?

Before the Jewish people were sent into Concentration camps, they were sent to labor camps. After they did not want to use them in the labor camps any longer, then sent them to the Concentration Camps.

Jewish traditions interrupted by Nazi Germany?

the Nazis threw the Jews in concentration camp and would punish or kill them for following any of the Jewish holidays or traditions

Is it very jews that were captured in ghettos?

Not many were captured in the ghettos, as the Germans did not venture in very much and when they wanted any of the Jews from the ghetto, they just asked for them.

Does Germany celebrate Hanukkah any different than the US?

No, except that the German Jewish population is much smaller, so in Germany, it's a more private holiday.

Are there any Pakistani ghettos?

Yes Bradford and many more places.

Do Aden and Germany celebrate Hanukkah?

No, they don't.However, members of Jewish communities, as well as any isolated Jews, in those countries, do.

Did Albert Einstein have any problems he had to overcome?

He had to leave Germany before Hitler would have put him in a camp for being Jewish.

What did Hitler do in 1937 and 1938 that steped up the persecutions of the Jews?

1. German armies move into town 2. Ask jews to give up money and jewerly 3. Ask jews to wear star of david 4. Set up curfew 5. put them in ghettos 6. deportation to concentration camps e.g Auschwitz 7. Set up mobile killing units :( ______ 1937 was relatively quiet, but 1938 saw a hailstorm of anti-Jewish measures - but they didn't include any of the above. Please see the related question for more detail.