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Elie's foot was swollen while he was in the concentration camp- Auschwitz. He went to the doctor in the concentration camp and was told he needed some rest. Puss continuously kept oozing out of his foot. The camp found out that the Soviet Army was just a couple of miles away so the camp had to be liquidated. The weak were left behind while the others strong enough to walk the death march left. Since it was snowing, Elie's foot got so cold, it began bleeding. He was about to fall behind which would mean getting shot but he kept on walking. He does end up surviving making it to the other camp and luckily, survived from being one of the eleven-million murdered.

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Q: In night what happens to elies foot during the death march?
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Death March during Japanese period?

The Bataan Death March.

What happened during the Bataan Death March to Dachau?

The Bataan death march, and the Dachau death march, were two separate events. The first was in the Philippines and was perpetrated by the Japanese, and the second was in Germany.

What type of battle was The Bataan Death March?

The Bataan Death March was not a battle. It was a forced death march, e.g. being forced to march at least 80 miles under extreme conditions. Over 10,000 soldiers died during The Bataan Death March.

Who was in Batan Gang?

Men who were on the Bataan Death March during WW2.

Do the Philippines Boy Scout still conduct memorial Bataan Death March?

Yes they do. Everyone in the Philippines participate in Bataan Death March Memorial events. Remember, thousands of Filipinos were killed on that march and during the war. The US has a "death march" march in New Mexico every year too.

What did Japan force American soldiers to walk to POW camps in in the Philippines during WW2?

The Bataan Death March. The Filipino troops who fought alongside the Americans and were captured with them actually fared even worse on the Death March.

During what did the Japanese force captured American and Filipino soldiers to march for five days and nights?

Bataan Death March

During the Bataan Death March?

many American prisoners were killed.

American and Filipino prisoners of war were brutally beaten by Japanese during?

Bataan Death March

What is a Death March?

A tune written by Fredrick Chopin. It also refers to the forced march of prisoners of war in Batan, Phillippines and in Germany during WW2. Many prisoners were sick and died or were executed during the prolonged march.

What happend to men during the bataan death march if they couldn't keep up?

The Japanese shot anyone who could not keep up or tried to help anyone who fell down on the Bataan Death March.

How were prisoners tortured during The Bataan Death March?

During the Bataan Death March, prisoners of war were subjected to various forms of torture. This included brutal physical abuse such as beatings, bayonet attacks, and even shootings. They were also deprived of food, water, and rest, leading to immense suffering and death. Additionally, the prisoners were forced to march long distances under extreme conditions, further exacerbating their physical and mental torment.