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every 1 died every 1 died

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Q: In the Vietnam war what was The Insurance Policy?
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Why was Johnson unpopular?

His Vietnam war policy.

How did the policy impose costs in the Vietnam war?

It didn't

How did Vietnam war transform policy making in US?

The Vietnam War a war that changed the United States in more ways than one. The Vietnam War was able to transform policy making in the US by preventing the US from intervening in other conflicts on the Asia mainlands.

What was the perspective by the soviet on the containment policy?

The Korean War and Vietnam War are some of their reactions.

What was the US involvement in the Vietnam War was based in part on a policy to?

Containment .

What did john Kerry think of the vietnamization policy?

What John Kerry thinks of the Vietnamization Policy is that he is completely for it. The Vietamization Policy is saying that he is againt the war in Iraq not necessarily the Vietnam War.

How was the American policy in Vietnam war?

As best as could be had; without going nuclear.

What is the conflict and compromise of the Vietnam War?

US military policy and civilian protests.

President nixons policy of viwtnamization of the war in Vietnam called for what?

I'm an orange!

For what three reasons was Australia involved in the Vietnam War?

* Support the US policy of containment * Australia had alliance commitments * Concerns over Indonesia * Support for US in Vietnam as insurance policy * Fear of communism * Belief in the 'domino theory' * Menzies government policy of anti-communism * Fear of Australia being taken over by south Vietnam * The United States was also a powerful ally providing Australia with protection in case of attack

What is vietnamiztion?

vi·et·nam·i·za·tion/vēˌetnəməˈzāSHən/Noun: (in the Vietnam War) The US policy of withdrawing its troops and transferring the responsibility and direction of the war effort to the government of South Vietnam.

What effects the tet offensive have on us war policy in Vietnam?

The government decided to negotiate an end to the war