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To contain communism. The Korean & Vietnam Wars were part of that containment policy.

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Q: What decision were made during the Cold War?
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What was the significance of the Mediterranean Sea during the Cold War?

American naval power made the Mediterranean its permanent base during the Cold war.

What guns were shot during cold war?

None. The Cold War was a "war" of nerves, words and political maneuvering. There were no guns involved (that's what made it a "cold" war).

How many nuclear weapons were made during the cold war?


Who said during the Cold War MIG Alley?

The USAF made the statement; they had a sign at one of their bases in Korea during the war.

Why was the Interstate Highway made?

for military/missle transport during the cold war.

Kennedy was president during what war?

He was president during the cold war and vietnam.

How did Roosevelt decide to help the Jews during world war 2?

He made them in charge of Hollywood, and as you can see he made a wise decision.

Was not a decision made by the second continental congress?

The decision that was not made was to have war with the British.

What the roots of the cold war?

The Cold War began at the end of WW2 when the decision was made by the allies that the spread of communism had to be stopped. A policy of containment was instituted against Russia and the focal point was East Berlin and the Berlin Wall.

What was the Soviet espionage during Cold War?

The soviet espionage during the cold war was managed by the KGB.

Was there war on the seas during the cold war?


Who were the Leaders during the cold war?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in charge of America during the Cold War.