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Q: In the Vietnam war who attacked first?
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When was south Vietnam first attacked in the Cold War?

in 1955

Why did the Germans attack Vietnam in World War 2?

I don't believe Germany ever attacked Vietnam.

When was the first war covered on TV?

The Vietnam war from 1959 to 1975.

Ending for Japan or Vietnam?

What war for the first? Communists won the war in Vietnam.

Who was the first attacked by the Germans in World War 2?

AnswerPoland attacked the Nazis first during World War 2.

When did the US enter Vietnam?

If your referring to the Vietnam War, the first U.S military advisors arrived in Vietnam in 1950.

What major events happened after the Vietnam War?

The North Vietnamese attacked in force and Vietnam was reunited as a Communist state.

Who had the first war between Vietnam?

China was the first country that fought Vietnam first (google).

What happened at the first Battle of Saigon in Vietnam?

This was the first four weeks of the TET offensive in 1968; roughly the end of Jan until the first week of March, in which the US Emabassy was attacked.

Which UN nation security council nation was involved with Vietnam after World War 2?

With the exception of the United Kingdom, every one of the five permanent United Nations Security Council members was involved in Vietnam. France fought an anti-colonial revolution from the end of World War II until 1954 called the First Indochina War. The United States was tangentially involved in the First Indochina War and actively promoted the creation of South Vietnam, which was targeted for annexation by USSR client-state North Vietnam. When the USSR supported North Vietnam attacked South Vietnam in the Second Indochina War (called the Vietnam War in the USA), P.R. China joined North Vietnam in providing supplies and troops.

Which war is Vietnam famous for?

The Vietnam War was nicknamed the "Helicopter War." As it was histories first massive use of the helicopter.

How did the press help in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was the first war to be televised to the public. So America saw everything that was going on in Vietnam and wanted to pull out of the war.