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The usual things PLUS who got to keep the flag (stars and stripes) and who got to wear which color uniform. There were big debates on whose money(North or South) would be used as legal tender. There was stiff competition on which side would get which allies. The Confederacy had to trade England to the north in exchange for Spain,Portugal, and Italy, for instance. Besides slavery, states rights, and taxation without representation, these "ALLY TRADES", as they were known, changed the Civil War from a mostly diplomatic conflict into a very bloody war in which about 642000 soldiers died in.

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Q: In the civil war what did the two sides dissagree upon?
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Who were the two sides in the Irish Civil War?

The two sides of the Irish Civil War were the "Republicans" and the "Free Staters".

Was the English Civil War a success?

That would depend upon your parameters, two sides from the same country fought each other - that means a civil war therefore it must have been a sucess.

What were the two opposing sides during the US Civil Wars?

the two sides during the US civil war were the union (North) and the confederacy (south)

Who where the two sides in the English Civil War?

Union and confederate

What sort of people joined the two sides of the civil war?

Trick question. A lot more than two sides bub.

What were the 'nicknames' ofthe two sides in the civil war?

rebs and yanks

What are the two sides in the civil war?

There was the North (Union) and the South (Confederacy).

What two sides fought the English civil war?

parliament and royalists

What were the two sides in England's civil war?

The Roundhead (Parliament) and the Cavaliers (Royalist).

What two sides fought during the English civil war?

parliament and royalists

What two sides was the war between?

The civil war was the North and south or the Union and Confederates

Which war had two opposing sides known as the union and the confederacy?

ANSWER The American Civil War