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The lives of people on both sides of the Atlantic were threatened by the German Navy and their U boats. Ships of all countries were at risk too.

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Q: In what ways did World War 1 threatened the lives of civilians on both sides of the Atlantic?
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How many civilians died in ww1?

Around 7 millions civilians lost their lives in World War 1. Most of these deaths were due to disease and malnutrition.

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How many civilians were lost in world war 2?

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What describes the lives of many Georgian civilians towards the end of the Civil War?

describes the lives of many Georgian civilians towards the end of the Civil War?

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Civilians outside of battle zones were reasonably safe, and although they were having difficulty obtaining rationed goods they lived almost normal lives. Soldiers received priority on clothing and food, but those in combat areas were in constant fear for their lives and their safety. Civilians in close contact with the war zones were not intentional targets, but bombs and artillery are indiscriminate.

How did World War 1 affect the civilians?

World War 1 affected civilians by causing widespread death and destruction, disrupting lives and homes, leading to food shortages and economic hardships, and provoking societal changes and trauma that lasted for years after the war ended. Additionally, civilians were often subject to censorship, propaganda, and government controls during the war.

What nations paid the greatest price in terms of the number of lives lost during World War 2?

Russia 10 million soldiers 25 million civilians China 3.5 million soldiers 20 million civilians Germany 5 million soldiers 7 million civilians Japan 2 million soldiers 3 million civilians Poland 250,000 soldiers 5 million civilians

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they rationed food , gas and other resources. it changed their lives

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