Is Vietnam a command economy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Communists economy.

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Q: Is Vietnam a command economy
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Does Vietnam have a free market economy?

No. Vietnam is a command economy.

3 countries with a command economy?

Three countries with a command economy are, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba.

How does Vietnam demonstrate that it is a command economy?

=Vietnam can be demonstrated as a command economy because it is a dictatorship and almost all of the decisions are made by the government, leaving no choice for individuals rights. In the command economy the government decides what to produce, distribute and consume. The government also decides the price of the product, how to make the product, how to sell the product, and also who to sell it to. Basically in a command economy there is no freedom. China used to have a command economy, but it no longer does not. Saudi Arabia is another example of a command economy too. This is how Vietnam can be demonstrated as a command economy.=

Why is Vietnam have a command economy?

yes yo mama

Countries command economy?

China, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

Is China part of the command economy?

AnswerChina is no longer a command economy in that it has switched to market economic strategies in several of its sectors. Due to this, China is now a mixed economy.However, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam are some examples of a command economy. has also changed back in 2000

What economy is similar to command economy?

A command economy is the same as a socialst or communist economy.

Is Haiti a free market economy or a command economy?

Yes, Haiti is a command economy. A command economy is when the government controls the economy and you are guaranteed a job. However, with a command economy, you cannot open your own business.

What is econony?

It is a command economy where the government controls the economy. It is a command economy where the government controls the economy.

What type of economy does all of Asia have?

command economies in Vietnam cambodia and laos, market economie on the Philippines, and mixed economies in Singapore and Indonesia

The history of command economy?

what is the history behind command economy

What is a command economy system?

Command Economy is an example of Dictatorship.