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Well, it doesn't really matter. I mean like if we are at war, it depends on what our generals do and attack.

China: 2nd largest economy, world's largest population and largest army. Has nuclear weapons, United States is its rival. Friends with other communist nations such as North Korea and China is still communist to this day. Going to war with China might start World War III.

United States: Number One economy, Has second largest army, Fought in WWI,WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War,Gulf War, Afghanistan,Iraq, Other Middle Wast countries and Britain for years but now allies like American Revolution and the War Of 1812. First country with nuclear weapons. Has 3/3 most powerful weapons on earth. One of them would be WMD ( weapons of mass destruction like chemical, biological and nuclear). Allies with almost every country on Earth. Current Superpower. Going to war with U.S would take years, with help with United Nations, NATO, alliance with Asian countries and most of Europe.

Russia: Big country. About larger than U.S and China! It has the #5 largest army. It has the highest stockpile of chemical weapons since the Soviet Union. Friends with communist countries like North Korea and the "Axis Of Evil". Pretty powerful. Going to war with Russia would take years to end.

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Yes China is catching up faster than any country on earth. American weapons technology is more advanced and durable how ever in my opinion modern military tech relies heavily on computers. The communist states produce good designs and have probably the best computer scientist who can hack any computer on earth even the presidents. Their guns fire bullets accurate enough to kill and their tanks have cannons and treads like any other country. They also are now self-reliant on their own technology which means if war ever started, they would be able to build their own technology at a faster rate than any other country since their economy is rising 10% a year while USA is falling -1% a year. If war ever broke out then China would easily out produce any country in the world since they have the money any man power.

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Soldier for soldier, it's doubtful that the PLA would outperform the US Army. As for the question, it's much more complicated.

China has the world's largest standing army, but it is geared for defence, rather than force projection. Thus, if China were to try invading the US mainland, it would most likely fail. But, were the US to try invading the Chinese mainland, it would also result in failure.

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Strong in numbers, weak in technology. Strong with money, weak with allies.

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Q: Is china military stronger than the US military?
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How would win in a war US or china?

The US has the world's most powerful military. USA wins.

Was The us stronger than Germany?

When? If you are referring to WW2, the US military was much weaker. The US had a smaller air force and fewer tanks. Then at the end of the war, Germany industry had been destroyed and its air force almost non-existant. So the answer will vary by what you use to measure the strength of an country.

What were US motives behind its actions during Cold War?

The US's goals were to stop Communism from spreading to other countries and to control or stop the military threat of Soviet Union and Communist China. This meant that the US had to have a military power and arsenal that was equal to or better than that of those countries.

What country has the biggest military as of 2016?

As of 2016, China has the biggest military force in the world with 2,333,000 active personnel. In 2nd place is the US followed by India in 3rd and North Korea in 4th. China has recently had a 12.2% increase in military spending over the past few years with a current defense budget of $126 billion.

Is US military larger than china's?

No, neither* in area or population Improvement: That's not true. The reason that some sources (for example, Wikipedia) say that the United States is smaller than China is because it's counting disputed territories. Generally, both land and water area is being counted, but, if you add the disputed territories, then China gets bigger. If you were to take away the disputed territories, China gets smaller by approximately 300,000 km2 (actually 327,714 km2). That is still including water area.

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Is Yemen military strong?

yea it is stronger then us,russia,pakistan,oh yeah and china

Who has a greater military the US or Israel?

The US military is much larger and stronger than Israel's. It is arguably the most powerful military on the planet.

What was President Ronald Reagan's foreign policy was based on ideas?

Ensuring that the US military was larger than the Soviet military

Would china or the us win a war?

China has sheer numbers. You decide. [China because the US relies on China economically and for their military, since the US uses the money China give them to buy military weapons, and they buy weapons from them.]

Is the great Britain army stronger than the US?

In the 21st century, the US military is the most powerful in the world.

Is the Peoples Republic of China controlling the US?

China is not controlling the US. The US still has the largest economy in the world and a military equal or better than China's. This does not mean the number of troops but the quality of them and the military equipment. No country controls the US.

What President Ronald Reagan foreign policy was based on achieving which of the following goals?

Ensuring that the U.S. military was larger than the Soviet military

Which is stronger elite or delta?

Elite is stronger then delta i know because in the military school they told us

Who hates Korea name in snsd?

North Korea has issues with the US. But the US does not hate Korea. The US has a strong and very old alliance with China that makes then stronger than Korea.

Will china surpass the US as the most powerful nation in the world?

Type your answer here... Will China surpass The US In MIlitary Power

Who won the Cold War?

AnswerThe US had won the war. This was between USA and Russia to see who had a stronger military. Near the end of the war Russia's government collasped and they could not fund the military to make stronger weapons. But this was not a real war with combat.

Will China surpass the US economically and military in the future or the US will never allow that?

I am sure that the US shall never allow that China or any other country overtake it.