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The US's goals were to stop Communism from spreading to other countries and to control or stop the military threat of Soviet Union and Communist China. This meant that the US had to have a military power and arsenal that was equal to or better than that of those countries.

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They believed in the domino theory. They thought that if one country fell tocommunism, the surrounding countries would also. The US wanted to stop it.

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Q: What were US motives behind its actions during Cold War?
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Answer this question… To limit the spread of communism by supporting any country fighting for independence

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the broadcasting of pro-American propaganda

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During the Cold War, the United States sought to defend "freedom" by opposing communism and creating free markets. The United States generally succeeded in containing communism and probiding aid in the region, yes some American actions challenged the nation's values.

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The Cold War ended during President George H. W. Bush's administration, largely as a result of actions taken by his predecesor, Ronald Reagan.

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