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No. The Holocaust is today part of every child's formal education in England. In England, by law children are to be taught about the Holocaust as part of the Key Stage 3 History curriculum. This usually occurs in Year 9 (age 13-14).

While academy schools do not have to follow this syllabus, it is assumed that they will deliver Holocaust education as part of a "balanced and broadly based" curriculum. Similarly, although independent schools are not obliged to deliver the National Curriculum, many in fact do.

The Holocaust is not formally part of the national curriculum in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. However, it is widely taught and there is no evidence that it has been removed from textbooks.

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Yes. There is a strange urban legend circulating to the effect that teaching the Holocaust has been banned in schools in Britain. Please see the related question and the links from that.

No. There is a strange urban legend that teaching the Holocaust is mandatory in the UK. But my girlfriend said she was never taught about it in Scotland. I asked three other friends who went to UK schools and all three said the same. I know it's not a big sample, but the Holocaust is not taught in some British schools.

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Q: Is the Holocaust still taught in British schools?
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