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Yes there is a statue located in Vietnam of Chathrapati Shivaji Maharaja. The statue is located in the capital of Vietnam.

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Q: Is their any statue of shivaji in Vietnam?
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Is their statue of Indian hero chatrapati shivaji in Vietnam?

Yes there is a Statue of Chathrapathi Shivaji Maharajah in HO CHI MI of Vietnam. They installed it as a tribute to the great King of India. During the Vietnam War they used to study the guerrilla war tactics from the style of Shivaji

Why ho chi mi of Vietnam installed statue of chhatrapatil shivaji in Vietnam?

while vietnam is in war with america, vietnam soldiers used learn guerilla tactics by studying shivaji maharaj. shivaji maharaj used guerrilla tactics against huge moghal empire. Same way vietnam is in war with giant america, vietnami soldiers gets inspired from shivaji's example...

Did vietcong adopt shivaji type guirella methods?

They operated from Red China's Chairman Mao's "Red Book." yes vietcong adopted shivaji type gurilla methods and was able to win war by that method also, so he made statue of shivaji in vietnem.

What actors and actresses appeared in Vietnam Veedu - 1970?

The cast of Vietnam Veedu - 1970 includes: Padmini as Savitri Nagesh as Son Shivaji Ganesan as Prestige Padmanabha Iyer

Was shivaji is carnation of lord shiva is their any proof?

no there not any proof ......and if he is carnation then why their no temple anywhere of shivaji like lord Krishna & lord Ram?

What represents Vietnam?

hand fan, statue of buddha, straw hats

What is the value of shivaji's coin in India?

Shivaji who? Shivaji Rao? Chhatrapati Shivaji? Please be more specific.

Who was shivaji and where did he live?

where shivaji live

How many soldiers are in the statue portion of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

There are two different bronze statue areas, The Three Soldiers and the Vietnam Women' Memorial, which consists of three nurses and a wounded soldier. So there are seven soldiers present at the Memorial.

Is shivaji was a rajput?

ya Shivaji was a rajput

Who was shivaji maharajah?

Shivaji is the son of Mr shahajiraje Bhosale & Shivaji Mother Name is Mrs Jijabai

Is there any recent original photos of shivaji bhavani sword?