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The Iron Curtain separated Europe into the groups. A map or diagram showing the divide of Europe can be found in many history books.

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Books and magazines concerning the subject of the Berlin Wall and other defenses will often have illustrations showing those features.

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Q: Is there a map of the fences and watchtowers for the Iron Curtain?
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Where are the cracks in the iron curtain as seen on the map?

Yugoslavia and Albania were the cracks in the iron curtain.

Where are the cracks on the iron curtain as seen on the map?

Yugoslavia and Albania were the cracks in the iron curtain.

Name two countries that were behind the Iron Curtain that are no longer on the map?

Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were two countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain but no longer exist in their original forms. Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, while the former republics of Yugoslavia fragmented into several independent countries during the 1990s.

How the iron curtain start?

First, there's an intrinsic problem in your question. You should be asking How DID the Iron Curtain start? or even better, How was the Iron Curtain established. BUT, assuming your question was as such, the Iron Curtain is in regards to the sphere of influence that the Soviet Union had over the countries of Eastern Europe. These countries, were essentially communist buffer states between the Soviets and the West. It stretched through Germany (divided into two countries) all the way down the map. It was NOT an actual curtain or wall (though it did appear as such in some places), but rather a blockade from within which the Western Nations received little information or communication. Immigration to the West was discouraged by the Soviets. As to how it "started" it was a result of communist fears of capitalism and democracy. The Soviet Union was (often justifiably) threatened by the anti-communist fervor in the West, and it locked down its borders both as a way to cope with its domestic problems and to protect itself from foreign nations.

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This map best shows which aspect of the Cold War?

The map shows the division of Europe into Western and Eastern blocs during the Cold War. It highlights the Iron Curtain, a metaphorical line that separated communist-controlled countries in Eastern Europe from democratic countries in Western Europe.

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