Japanese battle cry

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Tora Tora Bonzai

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Q: Japanese battle cry
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How can you use battle cry in a sentence?

The Japanese battle cry broke the silence of the night as the enemy charged towards our lines.

What was the battle cry of the Japanese leader as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

What did the Japanese chant?

Their battle cry was, "Banzai!", a Japanese version of the, "Rebel Yell" from the Confederates during the US Civil War (1861-1865).

Which Japanese battle cry means ten thousand years?

You are thinking of 'banzai,' written: 万歳

What was the battle cry of the Texans at the battle?

the battle cry of the Texans was "Remember the Alamo".

What is a Japanese battle cry that begins with b?

A Japanese battle cry beginning with the letter b is 'banzai', which literally means 'Ten thousand years'. The usage of the term then thousand years originates from ancient China, where it was used when adressing the emperor, to express a wish for long life for him. During the second world war, Japanese souldiers would cry out 'Tennouheika banzai!' meaning "May the Emperor reign for ten thousand years", or just simply 'banzai!', when attempting a desperate charge attack, likely to result in death. This battle cry caused the Allied forces to call them 'Banzai charges'.

What is the duration of Cry of Battle?

The duration of Cry of Battle is 1.65 hours.

When was Cry of Battle created?

Cry of Battle was created in 1963-10.

When was Battle Cry - song - created?

Battle Cry - song - was created in 2008.

Pearl Harbor what was the slogan that the Japanese use to motivate their countrymen?

Probably, their battle cry was "Banzai"; the Japanese version of the Confederate's "Rebel Yell" (US Civil War 1861-1865).

When was Battle Cry of Freedom - book - created?

Battle Cry of Freedom - book - was created in 1988.

What is a Japanese war cry not banzai that sounds like ore a?

Kougeki Kaishi ! (start to attack) Ike!(go) Sentou Kaishi! (start to battle)