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they were in an arms race because britain had created a ship called the dreadnought which was made out of a really srong metal! then Kaier Wilhelm of Germany got really jelouse then started to build there own dreadnought and tryed to out doo britain.

sorry 'bout spellin'

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Q: Kaiser Wilhelm II's belief that Germany needed a large navy resulted in a race between Germany and Britain to build what?
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World War 1 and World War 2 were many battles between Germany and Britain.

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What was the role played by Kaiser Wilhelm II in the lead up to World War 1?

He caused a lot of riots between Germany and Britain because of the Naval race and the Epmires. He wanted Germany to have a better Empire than Britain and would do anything to succeed. He lead Germany to war against France, and knew it was coming years before and devised the Schlieffen plan. He always wanted Germany to have 'its place in the sun' !

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There was a deal between Germany and Britain that Germany will not attack France but Hitler break the deal and attacked France, hence Britain jumped into the world war 2.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II reigned in Germany between 5 June 1888 and 9 November 1918.

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Well Germany and Britain werent the only ones fighting but if its the Battle of Britain then the Brittish won that battle.

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