Name 2 islands of Balearics

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ibiza, formentera, palma de mallorca

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Q: Name 2 islands of Balearics
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What island is majorca part of?

Majorca is part of the Balearics islands.

What are the names of Spain's 2 islands?

Spain's principal chain islands ar two: the Balearics, off the Mediterranean coast, and the Canaries, near the Atlantic coast of Morocco/Western Sahara. Both are common holiday destinations, though the most popular by far are the Balearics - most notably Ibiza.

What is the capital of the balearics?

The Balearic Islands are a group of Islands each with their own capital HOWEVER Mallorca/Majorca is the largest of the islands and most popular with British Tourists. Santa Cruz de Tenerife La Palma ,Gran Canaria Mahon ,Minorca

Which one of the island groups listed below does not belong to the united kingdom?


Name 2 island denmark own?

Greenland and the faroe islands

What is the name of the spanish islands off the norhtwestern coast?

The islands name is the Canary Islands.

What is the name for a chian of islands?

The name for a chain of islands is an "Archapelago".

Name 2 member state countries in the EU which are islands in the med?

Cyprus and Malta.

What is the name for the 2 major groups of islands in the Caribbean?

Greater Antilles Lesser Antilles

What is the name of the Alaskan islands which form the longest archipelago of islands?

Aleutian Islands

What is the old name of lakshadweep islands?

Laccadive islands

What is another name for the canary islands?

Fortunate Islands