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The name given collectively to Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands is Oceania. It is not considered a continent but instead is a region or the world.

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Q: What name is given collectively to Australia New Zealand and surrounding islands?
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What island chain is guadalcanal part of?

Guadalcanal is part of the Solomon Island chain. It was discovered by Alvaro de Mendana, a Spanish explorer, in 1568.

In ww2the islands near Australia where a main battle was fought were the?

In World War II, the islands near Australia where a main battle was fought were the ________. solomon islands

What colony of great Britain sent troops to fight in World War 1?

The British Empire consisted of more than 75 different entities during WW1 and they all contributed to the pool of manpower and/or material in some manner. Troops were drawn from tiny islands, Africa, India and all over the realm. The major suppliers were Australia, Canada and New Zealand. All fought well for King and Country.

In what ways did the allies try to widen the war from 1915 to 1918?

The Allies used several tactics to widen the war during this period including opening fronts in Gallipoli and an Italian front against Austria-Hungary. Britainâ??s forces in Egypt used forces from India, New Zealand and Australia to fight the Ottoman Empire. Meanwhile, Japan and Australia seized German held islands in the Pacific.

What were the 32 countries that were involved in World War 1?

Africa Algeria Angola Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Basutoland Bechuanaland Belgian Congo British East Africa (Kenya) British Gold Coast British Somaliland Cameroon Cabinda Egypt Eritrea French Equatorial Africa Gabun Middle Congo Ubangi-Schari French Somaliland French West Africa Dahomey Guinea Ivory Coast Mauretania Senegal Upper Senegal and Niger Gambia German East Africa Italian Somaliland Liberia Madagascar Morocco Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique) Nigeria Northern Rhodesia Nyasaland Sierra Leone South Africa South West Africa (Namibia) Southern Rhodesia Togoland Tripoli Tunisia Uganda and Zanzibar America Brazil Canada Costa Rica Cuba Falkland Islands Guatemala Haiti Honduras Guadeloupe Newfoundland Nicaragua Panama Philippines U.S.A West Indies Bahamas Barbados British Guiana British Honduras French Guiana Grenada Jamaica Leeward Islands St. Lucia St. Vincent Trinidad and Tobago Asia Aden Arabia Bahrein El Qatar Kuwait Trucial Oman Borneo Ceylon China India Japan Persia Russia Siam Singapore Transcaucasia Turkey Australasia and Pacific Islands Antipodes Auckland Austral Islands Australia Bismarck Archipelgeo Bounty Campbell Carolina Islands Chatham Islands Christmas Cook Islands Ducie Elice Islands Fanning Flint Fiji Islands Gilbert Islands Kermadec Islands Macquarie Malden Mariana Islands Marquesas Islands Marshal Islands New Guinea New Caledonia New Hebrides New Zealand Norfolk Palau Islands Palmyra Paumoto Islands Pitcairn Pheonix Islands Samoa Islands Solomon Islands Tokelau Islands Tonga Europe Albania Austria-Hungary Belgium Bulgaria Czechoslovakia Estonia Finland France Great Britain Germany Greece Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Montenegro Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Turkey Atlantic Islands Ascension Sandwich Islands South Georgia St. helena Tristan da Cunha Indina Ocean Islands Andaman Islands Cocos Islands Mauritius Nicobar Islands Reunion Seychelles

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What is Australia's region?

Oceania is the official collective name for Australia, New Zealand and surrounding Islands of the South Western Pacific

To which continent is newzealand associated geographically?

New Zealand is geographically associated with the continent of Australia. While it is not on the Australian continent landmass itself, New Zealand is part of the wider region known as Australasia, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding islands.

1000s of islands including australia and new zealand?

Polynesia excludes Australia, Australasia excludes most of the Pacific Islands, so Oceania is thousands of islands that include Australia and New Zealand.

What is the 1000's of islands including Australia and New Zealand?

Polynesia excludes Australia, Australasia excludes most of the Pacific Islands, so Oceania is thousands of islands that include Australia and New Zealand.

What continent is New Zealand near?

The islands of New Zealand are about 2500km from the continent of Australia.

What country is made up of two islands?

New Zealand (North and South islands) and Australia (main island and Tasmania)

What are 2 islands that surrounds the cook islands?

There are no land masses 'surrounding' Cook Islands. The nearest land to the Cook Islands is New Zealand.

What other name is comminly used to idetify this island region.?

The island region is commonly referred to as "Australasia", which includes Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding islands in the South Pacific.

What countries are included in the oceanic continent?

Generally, countries in the Oceanic continent include Australia and its nearby islands such as New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and others in the South Pacific region. These countries are located in the Pacific Ocean and are often collectively referred to as Oceania.

What is the majority of islands east of Australia known as?

New Zealand

What areas border Australia?

There are no land borders surrounding Australia, as it is a single continent. The only thing surrounding the country is water. However, the mainland continent of Australia does share official maritime borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia (France). In addition, its offshore territories share maritime borders. These include borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and the kerguelen Islands (France). The Australian Antarctic Territory shares land territory borders with New Zealand, Norway and France.

What country south of Australia is made up of two islands?

There is no country located due south of Australia that is made up of two islands.New Zealand is a country located southeast of Australia, and it is made up of two main islands.