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The first battle between two ironclad warships occurred between the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia. The battle took place on March 9, 1862.

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Q: Name the greatest naval battle of the Civil War involving ironclad ships?
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What did the people call the ironclad battleship during the civil war?

The Merrimac and the Monitor Battle OR the Ironclad Battle

Was there an ironclad ship in the Civil War called the Monitor?


What was ironclad used for during the civil war?

Naval battle

What is the monitor in the civil war?

The Monitor was an ironclad ship created by the Union to battle against the Confederate ironclad called the Virginia (Merrimack).

How did the battle of ironclads change naval history?

During the US Civil War battle at Hampton Roads, the first ironclad vs ironclad naval battle took place. Based on the success of ironclad warships during this war, more ironclad warships were built and soon dominated sea warfare.

What were the the first two ironclad ships to battle in the civil war?

The Battle of Hampton Roads, often called the Battle of Monitor and Merrimack, was a naval battle of the American Civil War, famous for being the first fight between two ironclad warships, the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia.

At which Civil War battle did the first-ever battle between ironclad ships occur?

The Battle of Hampton Roads, a naval battle in the Virginian tidewater.

Where was the first battle between ironclad ships in the civil war fought?

Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

What was the name of the union ironclad warship that fought in the first sea battle of the civil war?

The Monitor.

What is the greatest naval battle of the Civil War involving ironclad ships?

Depends on the meaning of "greatest" The battle between the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia was the first battle between two ironclad warships. The Battle of New Orleans, which played a very significant part in the Union winning the war, had several Confederate ironclads (3) present but not fully operational. The first Union attack on Fort Sumter, which failed in its mission to force the fort to surrender, had the largest number of Union ironclads (9) in battle at a single time during the war. The battle of Mobile Bay involved some of the most powerful Confederate (1) and Union (4) ironclads built during the war.

What does the word ironclad have to do with the Civil War?

An ironclad was a type of battleship used during the Civil War. in the year 101

What is the battle of the ironclads?

The battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac during the US Civil War. It was the first time two ironclad ships had fought each other.

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