Names of airplanes

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Thai airways,Quantus,jet star and Emirates.

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you can name it by the label or the 3 coplanar points

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what are two different ways to name plane v

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Q: Names of airplanes
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Do you underline names of aircraft?

Names of airplanes, ships, all vessels are underlined or italicized.

What are the names of the forces involved in flying airplanes?

Lift, Drag, Thrust and Weight.

What are the names of the city where the airplanes departed from that crashed into the twin towers in New York?


Where did airplanes get there names?

Most airplanes get there names from the manufactor or they type of airplane and model they are. Just like cars, airplanes have different models and techincal functions the make them different from others. Airplanes whos name begins with either the manufactoring name for sponser are used to transport people or cargo. Such as the Boeing 767, or a cessna 22. Planes whos names beign with a letter or number are ussaully military aircraft and these numbers are used to identify the planes quickly. Planes whos names being with letters a - d are ussed for transportation and services. The c05 of the dc-10. Planes with letter names e, f, and even g are fighter planes with different specifications depending on their following numbers. F-16 f-117. Planes with letter names after m can be specially equiped aircraft in use for missions such as reconissance. sr-21.

What are the names of the forces involved in flying paper airplanes?

Lift, weight, drag, skill and luck (to give it the right amout of kinetic energy).

What are the names of airplanes?

b-747 b-777 b-787 b-737 a310 a380 a340 hercules harrier stealth

Are airplanes and gliders the same?

All gliders are airplanes, but not all airplanes are gliders.

Are jets really airplanes?

Yes, jets really are airplanes but they are faster airplanes.

Why are airplanes the greatest?

airplanes are cool

Are airplanes jets?

Yes, jets are airplanes but they are called supersonic airplanes.

Are airplanes aircraft?

Yes, airplanes are aircraft. However, not all aircraft are airplanes. Helicopters, blimps, and balloons are aircraft- but they are not airplanes. Airplanes are generally fixed wing machines that move through the air.

Who were the two men names who inventedairplanes?

I think you mean Orville and Wilbur Wright (The Wright Brothers) But there is some dispute as to whether or not they actually "invented airplanes."