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night to avoid machine guns and mortar

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Whenever your enemy drops his gaurd.

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Q: Of which time of day was the enemy most likely to attack?
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No animal is most likely to attack you. There are a LOT of different animals. Chances are, many of them are vicious predators and will attack if threatened, but no animal in particular is likely to attack.The one time an animal is likely to attackis if you bother it but most animals will not attack you.

Can animals turn on you after you've abused them?

Yes. They are most likely to attack the first time of abuse.

What can be a more effective flanking attack against an enemy's front line?

Generally speaking a flank attack against an enemy entails keeping a force directly in front of the enemy army and at the same time mounting an attack on the "side" of the enemy's army which is likely to offer less resistance. If this tactic is successful, the enemy's line is broken and is forced into an unfavorable position. A flank attack can however be even more devastating if the flank attack as already explained, is able to actually move around the flank of the enemy and attack the rear of the enemy army. This endangers the enemy's communication and supply lines placing the enemy in a position where it can be scattered and attacked in detail and thus a decisive victory is achieved. In certain wars, such as the US Civil War, decisive victories in comparison with the hundreds of large and small battles was very rare.

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RuneScape does poison reduce your damage?

If you attack with poison, the enemy you attack will have his health gradually decrease, over a certain period of time. You will NOT get experience for the damage caused by the poison.

What time during the day did most of firing from the trenches happen?

Artillery barrages usually preceded an infantry attack. Artillery broke up barbed wire and other obstacles, scattered mustard gas, and put up a smoke screen. The best time to attack was when the sun was at your back, and in the enemy's eyes.

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It is not known when the first time an enemy tunneled their way into a bordering country. It has most likely been done for many years until they were finally caught.

What is used to map enemy positions and trenches and to attack trenches from above?

for look the position is used the photography and some time bombs

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Because they were his enemy during a time of war.

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What exactly is a false flag attack?

A false flag attack is covert mission carried out to hide something from the public. It is derived from the time of wooden ships, when a ship would hang the flag of it's enemy and then attack a ship in it's own navy.