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There are many photos of the Holocaust. You can google Holocaust and click on "images" to find pictures of the Holocaust.

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Welcome to the world’s first virtual memory store for the Holocaust .

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Q: Photos of the holocaust
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Is there any pictures of the Holocaust?

Yes there are. Many millions of photos. If you google Holocaust photos you will find alot of interesting info and photos about it.

Pictures of the camps in Holocaust?

There are very few photos taken during the holocaust itself. The holocaust was top secret and photography was forbidden. A few SS men did, however, take photos, but not all of these are generally available.

What are the estimated value of 15 unpublished original Holocaust photos?

Your first difficulty would be to prove their authenticity. There are very few photos of the Holocaust. (Or do you simply mean World War 2?).

Is there an emblem for holocaust survivors?

Are there any Photos of piles of corpses from the Holocaust?

yes there are many photos if you look on google images, books and history websites.

Are there any pictures of the Holocaust?

Yes, there are pictures taken during the Holocaust. You can view many of them online by typing "Holocaust photos" in a search engine. But be forewarned: Many of the photographs are very graphic, disturbing, sad and grotesque.

What websites provide information about holocaust survivors?

There were many survivors of the Holocaust. Holocaust Survivors dot org site offers many stories and photos from actual survivors one can read. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have an abundance of information on their website as well.

What are the features of the Holocaust museum?

there is no holocaust museum because we have destroyed all evidence that it truly happened but some people kept photos and videos of the time so it has lived on and we are ashamed

Are there any pictures of ladies that used to live in Poland during the holocaust?

You can probably get photos from the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum or they will know where you can get them. See the related link below to contact them.

What food did the Germans give to the Jews during the holocaust?

Zip, zero. They starved them to death. Look at the photos of people who are living skeletons.

Who took the pictures from the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the Nazi regime's shameful 'secret', and photography was forbidden in the camps and ghettos. However, some SS men did take a few photos, and there were a few carefully chosen 'official' photos of what the Nazis called 'Resettlement in Eastern Europe'. In the Lodz Ghetto, the head of the Jewish Council had a kind of photographic record kept, but this was most unusual. Many of the negatives have survived.

Where can you view or request death photos of the Nuremberg trial condemed?

Taht's a rather gruesome request but you will find what you want at the following url:

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