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The Peninsula Campaign was fought from March to July 1862 by the Army of the Potomac, commanded by Maj. Gen. George McClellan. McClellan's overcautious approach led to a retreat by his army to the James River and it was eventual recalled to the defense of Washington DC in August 1862.

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Q: President Abraham Lincoln sent Union troops into Virginia in the spring of 1862 under the command of what general?
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Did Abraham Lincoln command all of the Union armies?

As President, he was Commander-in-Chief of all Union Armed Forces.

Abraham Lincoln's response to General McClellan's Command?

Lincoln's response to General McClellan's command was that Lincoln relieved McClellan of Command.

What position did US President Abraham Lincoln create for General John C Fremont?

In the Spring of 1862, US President Lincoln created a new military department for General Fremont in western Virginia. In this capacity he had the misfortune of battling with Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. Embarrassed by his defeats by Jackson, Fremont resigned this command.

Who were Lincoln and Lee at the time of the United States civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was the US federal president and Robert E Lee was the general that President Lincoln invited to take command of the entire Union Army during the US civil war.

How did Abraham Lincoln end the Civil War?

He gave command of the Army to Grant.

Was Abraham Lincoln a commander?

As President, he was Commander-in-Chief, but he had no experience in military command. He taught himself military strategy and tactics from the Library of Congress to be able to converse with his generals.

Did Abraham Lincoln command in the French and Indian Wars?

No, The French and Indian War had ended 46 years before Abraham Lincoln was born. Lincoln was born in 1809 and the war ended in 1763.

When the US Civil War began President Lincoln offered command of the union armies to?

Robert E. Lee. He would have accepted if Virginia had not voted to join the Confederacy.

Who are the generals appointed by Abraham Lincoln in the civil war for the confedrate army?

Lincoln did not select Generals for the Confederates. That job was done (badly) by the Confederate president, Jefferson Davis. You may be thinking of Robert E. Lee, to whom Lincoln offered a senior command before Lee's home state of Virginia had seceded, and Lee said he would have to wait to see how the vote came out. When Virginia voted Confederate, Lee reluctantly turned down Lincoln's offer, resigned from the US Army and threw in his lot with the South. It was a narrow decision - one of the great 'What ifs?' of the war is how much sooner it would have ended if Lee had accepted that senior command for the Union.

When the Civil War began President Lincoln offered command of the Union armies to?

i dont no

Why do you think both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis wanted general Robert E. Lee to command their troop?

Lee was a successful and well-known U.S. Army general before the war, but being from Virginia, he chose to fight for the Confederacy.

Who officially commanded the confederate army?

President Jefferson Davis was officially in command of the entire Confederate army and navy. As president he was commander in chief. Unlike Abraham Lincoln, Davis did not have a General in Chief until February 1865 when he appointed Robert E. Lee to that position.